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Mobile shopping experience platform

We transform regular Shopify stores into social media- like experience that converts to sales!

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Do you have problems with mobile traffic conversions?

Most common mistakes in mobile version of your Shopify store:


Desktop website structure applied to mobile

As a result mobile version has not user-friendly navigation, that decreases session duration time - 50%


Mobile pages are too slow

Up to 40% of the store’s visitors bounce before the store is loaded.

Irritating pop-ups

Portion of pop-ups gives a conversion of 9.28%, converting 1 out of every 10 site visitors into a buyer or subscriber.


75% of the traffic comes from mobile, nevertheless, the average conversion rate for Shopify stores is only 0.9% for mobile and 14% for desktop.

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Engagement product feed

It's not just product feed anymore, it's customers engagement feed!

Swipes, likes, shares — now is a part of product page activity

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Marketing tools

In-app marketing tools for best shopping experience and sales:

subscription forms, products recommendations, promotions

Jiffsy mobile shopping platform

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Unique website design

Mobile - first homepage, that makes your product pages sell!

80% of customers screen is a product picture.

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What makes your products sell?

How customers interact with your products pages?

Set Jiffsy integrations and analyse!

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They did integration and set up analytics for testing on their own.

As a result, we achieved +38% session duration and decreased bounce rate to 7.7%.

Alice K Clothing, UA

Great app!!

Help improves website speed. I noticed a decrease in bounce rate to 12.82% and +54% session duration. Must have app for all stores.

Ezeamaku Stanley, Canada

What Jiffsy customers say


session duration


conversion rate

Ever since I started working with the Jiffsy team, I noticed a tremendous positive impact on my conversion rate.

Jiffsy has figured out how to keep visitors engaged and entertained while shopping and has had an amazing impact on our business. They somehow also decreased our bounce rate to just 10%!

If you want to transform the mobile experience for your customers all while collaborating with an innovative and incredibly helpful team, choose Jiffsy!


session duration


conversion rate

I was impressed by the results after the AB-test and support guys provided.

They did integration and set up analytics for testing on their own. As a result, we achieved +38% session duration and decreased bounce rate to 7.7%. Good to know that I have somebody to write about any issues with my storefront and have fast answers and help.


session duration


conversion rate

My experience with Jiffsy has been extremely positive. Since acquiring their software app, we have gained +37% mobile sales, +52% session duration, and decreased bounce rate to 12.4%.

The Company goes above and beyond to ensure your experience with their software is profitable, and are always willing to give a helping hand if you don't understand something. From downloading the app to set-up and results.

This app is a must have for any E-commerce Platform.

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Trial program days

Apply for a free trial. Time needed to activate Jiffsy: 35 minutes!

No code. No developers needed.

Schedule a demo call to see how it works and get to know our amazing shopping addicted team!

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Observed data
Experiment SessionExperiment TransactionsE-commerce Conversion Rate
Original version2,698341.26%
Jiffsy version2,657602.26%
Trial program days

Run a free A/B test with Jiffsy!

We will conduct an A/B test, you will be able to see the actual results of our work and the actual conversion boost of your website.

Results of A/B tests
TransactionsRevenueAvg. Session Duration
Original version159US$12,303.5700:00:38
Jiffsy version199US$15,266.9100:01:01
Trial program days

Make a decision to install Jiffsy

Choose the future for your business, choose Jiffsy mobile shopping experience. Pay only if you like it.

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Price after the TRIAL

After you feel the real value for your store, you decide if you want to sell more.No risks for your store.
Pricing starts from $200 per month

The price depends on store size and the number of customizations needed.


Will this app change my current product pages?
Do I need developers to implement it in my store?
Will it change my current theme?
I don’t understand anything in coding, will I be able to use it?
What will happen with my current installed apps?
How will I know that it is worth my time?
What is an AB-test and how will we conduct it?

Meet our team

Angela Rudenko
Anastasia Khymych
Daniil Hurevych
Oleksii Bilozerov
Vitalii Sydorenko
Dima Sydorenko
Double your mobile conversion rate by making 3 simple steps
Apply for a 14-days trial, generate your mobile-first store, and conduct a split test together with Shopify experts!


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Run A/B test with Jiffsy to make final decision
Jonathan Kennedy
Global mobile commerce is on track to double its share of total retail sales between 2020 and 2025. Jiffsy has made it incredibly easy for brands to create seamless mobile experiences and capitalize on this shift.
Jonathan KennedyFounder at HeyCarson
Cristobal Alonso
Headless commerce needs a front-end revolution and a mobile-focused player; Jiffsy is that mobile-focused player that can lead that revolution.
Cristobal AlonsoGlobal CEO at Startup Wise Guys